Chair by Ben Preston

Ben Preston Presents The Strata Chair

Ben Preston, the creator of the highlighted design Chair:Strata by Ben Preston explicates, The designer sought to create a piece of furniture that acted as both a functional seat as well as a sculptural conversation piece. Strata was created using di <Cropped>

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Award Winning Baralho Armchair

Flávio Melo Franco Illustrates The Baralho Armchair

Flávio Melo Franco, the lead designer of the displayed work Baralho by Flávio Melo Franco explicates, The Baralho armchair has a striking contemporary design composed with pure forms and straight lines. Made of folds and welds on the brushed alumin <Cropped>

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Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant-Hotel Restaurant by Ivan Cheng

Ivan Cheng Portrays The Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant Hotel Restaurant

Ivan Cheng, the designer of the awarded design Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant by Ivan Cheng demonstrates, Spices Bistro Specialty Restaurant with a blue-diamond rating stands out its unique character within the hotel and from other restaurants in <Cropped>

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Pavilion by Daydreamers Design

Daydreamers Design Exhibits The Rising Moon Pavilion

Daydreamers Design, the creator of the highlighted work Rising Moon by Daydreamers Design demonstrates, Rising Moon is a temporary pavilion designed to serve as an anchor attraction during the 2013 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival. It re-interpret tradi <Cropped>

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Fire Knight by Hakan Gürsu

Hakan Gürsu Illustrates The Fire Knight Fire Fighting Vehicle

Hakan Gürsu, the creator of the highlighted project Fire Fighting Vehicle by Hakan Gürsu spells out, Fire Knight is specially designed treatment method for an open sore of the planet Earth: water shortage. Uses sand particles which mix with the car <Cropped>

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Handbag:handbags 3d by Mariela Calvé

Mariela Calvé Spotlights The Handbags 3d Handbag

Mariela Calvé, the maker of the displayed design Handbag by Mariela Calvé points out, The spirit Mariela Calvé´s brand can be define a modern proposal, feminine and cosmopolitan, simple-chic whit desig. Calvé have special care in the finishes an <Cropped>

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Graphis Design Annual 2016

The Largest and Most Anticipated Competition, Design Annual 2016 Will Feature The Most Visually Compelling Design Work of The Year!

The largest and most anticipated competition, design annual 2016 will feature the most visually compelling design work of the year!.

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Mobile Music App (streaming Radio App). by Samsung Milk Music Team

Samsung Milk Music Team Shows The Milk Music Mobile Music App (streaming Radio App)

Samsung Milk Music Team, the lead designer of the displayed work Mobile Music App (Streaming Radio app).:Milk Music by Samsung Milk Music Team points out, Milk Music is Samsung's streaming radio service. Milk's unique, elegant, and easy-to- <Cropped>

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Paco Operation Hub by Philip Tse

Philip Tse Shares The Paco Operation Hub An Office

Philip Tse, the lead designer of the displayed project PACO Operation Hub - An office by Philip Tse points out, Staffs are the most valuable treasure to business. The design offered a harmony and functional space to whom staying the longest time in a <Cropped>

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Alicia Rius Photography-Business Card by Arnau Bosch Verges

Arnau Bosch Verges Presents The Alicia Rius Photography Business Card

Arnau Bosch Verges, the architect of the highlighted project Arnau Bosch Verges's Alicia Rius Photography Business card says, Alicia Rius was meeting Steve McCurry from Magnum Photos, and she asked Arnau Bosch Verges to come up with an idea for <Cropped>

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