Vodka Bottle by Guilherme Jardim

Guilherme Jardim Reveals The Amur Vodka Vodka Bottle

Guilherme Jardim, the creative mind behind the awarded work Vodka Bottle by Guilherme Jardim demonstrates, This is a bottle designed exclusively for the brand AMUR VODKA. The shape of the bottle is elegant and simple, but with a strong presence at th <Cropped>

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Dinner Set Cupboard:baan by Mr.paitoon Keatkeereerut, Chawin Hanjing

Mr.paitoon Keatkeereerut, Chawin Hanjing Reveals The Baan Dinner Set Cupboard

Mr.Paitoon Keatkeereerut,Chawin Hanjing , the creative mind behind the awarded project Dinner set cupboard by Mr.Paitoon Keatkeereerut,Chawin Hanjing demonstrates, "baan" is a type of cupboard which has been specifically designed for the pu <Cropped>

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Embedded Design Challenge

Global Design Challenge For Students and Enthusiasts With a Background in Research & Education. 100'000 Us$ Annual Prize Money. Enter The Competition and Transform Your Ideas Into Reality With Toradex™ Computer Modules

Global design challenge for students and enthusiasts with a background in research & education. 100'000 us$ annual prize money. enter the competition and transform your ideas into reality with toradex™ computer modules..

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Conceptual Project:aqua Lingua by Ruta Mickiene

Ruta Mickiene Spotlights The Aqua Lingua Conceptual Project

Ruta Mickiene, the architect of the highlighted work Ruta Mickiene's Aqua Lingua Conceptual project explains, Aqua Lingua offers a possibility to see what is invisible: our words, music or other sounds. The water surface is stirred by individual <Cropped>

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Johnathan Wu's Uchair Office Chair

Johnathan Wu Presents The Uchair Office Chair

Johnathan Wu, the project leader of the award winning design Office Chair by Johnathan Wu illustrates, uChair is the most "personalisable" PC and office chair in the world. It allows the sitter/ owner to easily customise the back banner and <Cropped>

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Food Feeder Plus-Food Feeder by Kidsme

Kidsme Presents The Food Feeder Plus Food Feeder

kidsme, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Food Feeder Plus - Food Feeder by kidsme demonstrates, The Food Feeder Plus not only helps children to eat alone, but also means more independence for the parents. Babies can hold by themselves an <Cropped>

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Design Focus

A Good design example, the is a creative design. was designed in , and here is a how it is described by its designer:

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Design Concept Contest Vivatis

How Could Future Products of Maresi and Knabber Nossi Be Found On Supermarket Shelves? Join The Contest, Share Your Concepts and Win Unique Prizes Worth 26 800€hi Competitors, Right Now We Have a Contest Running That Could Be Really Interesting For

How could future products of maresi and knabber nossi be found on supermarket shelves? join the contest, share your concepts and win unique prizes worth 26 800€Hi competitors, right now we have a contest running that could be really interesting <Cropped>

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Branding & Containers by Rebeka Bahadorani-Rbk Studio

Rebeka Bahadorani-Rbk Studio Designs The Les Vergers De L'empereur Branding & Containers

Rebeka Bahadorani - Rbk Studio, the creative mind behind the awarded design Rebeka Bahadorani - Rbk Studio's Les Vergers de L'Empereur Branding & Containers illustrates, The entire branding and a whole range of different containers <Cropped>

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Wouter Van Riet Paap's Tavolo Livelli Table

Wouter Van Riet Paap Spotlights The Tavolo Livelli Table

Wouter van Riet Paap, the designer of the award winning design Award Winning Tavolo Livelli Table explains, Tavolo Livelli is about creating useful space in forgotten places. Tavolo Livelli is a layered table, a table with two tabletops. The space be <Cropped>

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