Award Winning Twins Transformable Coffee/Lounge Chairs

Claudio Sibille Shares The Twins Transformable Coffee/Lounge Chairs

Claudio Sibille, the lead designer of the award winning work Transformable coffee/Lounge chairs by Claudio Sibille demonstrates, The Twins coffee table concept is simple. A hollow coffee table stores two full wooden seats inside. The right and left s <Cropped>

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Arte Laguna Prize 14.15

Arte Laguna Prize Is An International Art Competition, Open to All, With Free Theme and No Age Restrictions. Its Aim Is to Promote and Enhance The Artists and Their Career by Offering a Range of Opportunities For a Total Endowment of € 180, 000

Arte laguna prize is an international art competition, open to all, with free theme and no age restrictions. its aim is to promote and enhance the artists and their career by offering a range of opportunities for a total endowment of € 180,000..

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Chengdu Design Week

This Article Covers The a-Design Award Competition Exhibition and Conference Events During Chengdu Design Week-Master of Design Top 100 Products

The A' Design Award & Competition Exhibition was invited by the Chinese Government and taken to Chengdu China to be shown as a part of the Chengdu Creativity Design Industry Expo and as a part of the Masters of Design Top 100 Product Designs <Cropped>

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Dmitry Pogorelov's Servvan Robotic Vehicle

Dmitry Pogorelov Designs The Servvan Robotic Vehicle

Dmitry Pogorelov, the project leader of the highlighted project Robotic vehicle by Dmitry Pogorelov demonstrates, It is a project of service vehicle for Resource Based Economy, forming a network with other vehicles. A single system allows to communic <Cropped>

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Room Inside Contemporary Interiors Book Review

This Is a Review of The Interior Design Book Room Released by Phaidon

Quick summary: It is a big coffee book with lots of images of good looking interior designs, curated by 10 editors, suggested for any interior designers who want to have a heavy yet beautiful book to get inspiration. Some pages contains blueprints or <Cropped>

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Award Winning Electra Faucets

Valfsel Design Team Shares The Electra Faucets

Valfsel Design Team, the creative mind behind the displayed design Electra by Valfsel Design Team illustrates, Electra deemed as the digital use representative in armature sector combines the technology with design to emphasize the digital age design <Cropped>

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Mobile Payment by Neomobile

Neomobile Reveals The Onebip One-Click Mobile Payment Solution Mobile Payment

Neomobile, the maker of the awarded design Onebip one-click mobile payment solution - Mobile payment by Neomobile spells out, Onebip one click payment service provides users with the easiest and most intuitive way of paying for their goods and servic <Cropped>

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Designers Day Logo Redesign

Become a Design Hero by Designing The Designers Day Logo-An Annual Day Each Year That Celebrates The Design Profession. Think and Illustrate a New Designers’ Day Logo – Graphic Symbol Which Confronts The Following Technical Requirements: 1. The Logo

Become a design hero by designing the designers day logo - an annual day each year that celebrates the design profession. think and illustrate a new designers’ day logo – graphic symbol which confronts the following technical requirements: 1. the <Cropped>

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Logo Design Brief

Graphic Designers Must Ask These Twenty Logo Design Questions to Their Design Clients to Design The Most Appropriate Logo

Brand Name (Logo Wording) as it should appear in logo: This is the name that would be used in the logo graphic, if this is a multilingual logo project, please provide multiple names. It is important to clearly write the Brand Name. The Brand Name sho <Cropped>

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Unite 402 by Jp-Inspiring Knowledge

Jp-Inspiring Knowledge Spotlights The Unite 402 Detachable Device For Education

JP - inspiring knowledge, the thinktank behind the award winning work JP - inspiring knowledge's Unite 402 Detachable Device for Education points out, A laptop to stay. A tablet to go. Unite 402 gives students everything they need: the high-perf <Cropped>

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